The Simpsons Then & Now

E49: Marge in Chains & Orange is the New Yellow

May 2, 2021

Be sure you remembered to pay for this podcast alongside your Flintstone's chewable morphine because you can be locked up for even the slightest offence in this week's episode! We're talking about Marge in Chains (S04E21) and Orange is the New Yellow (S27E22), two episodes where Marge ends up in jail. We also discuss whether we have the right head shapes for hats, Jeremy's love of Sheree Fitch, and whether showering at night merits a visit from the police (it doesn't). 

Every two weeks, Alex, Lindsay, and Jeremy are talking about two episodes of the Simpsons, one from the classic era and one from the modern era, (ideally) linked by a common theme. Get in touch with us on Twitter (@SimpsonsThenNow) or via email at

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